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Eco-friendly Reclaimed Wood with a purpose.

Reclaimed Wood
Done Right.

Wholesale Reclaimed Redwood Fence Boards
• The Perfect Accent Wall source material
• Easy to work with and consistent patina
• Wholesale pricing available!
• Ship via FTL, LTL, Container Worldwide from California

Reclaimed Wood Paneling
• 100% Authentic Quality Guaranteed!
• Perfect for rustic walls, accent walls, barnwood walls...
• Easy to install with minimal tools
• 7" x 56"
• Shiplap = 1/2" Thick
• Straight Lined = 1/4" Thick

Salvage Redwood Slabs
• Intercepted from the landfill, milled and finished
• Tables, Bars, Countertops
• Outdoor Tables
• Events

Other Wall Paneling Options

Reclaimed Redwood Wall Paneling

• Silver, Gray & Brown Patina
• Shiplap or Straight Edge Option
• Easy to Install
• Wholesale Pricing Available

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Mushroom Wood
Wall Boards

• Beautiful Deep Grains
• Yellow/Brown
• > 1" Thickness
• Wholesale Pricing Available

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Wild West Reclaimed Snow Fence Board

• Long Length 4/4"
• Circle Sawn, Silvery Gray
• Great Siding and Paneling Stock
• Wholesale Pricing Available

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Customer Reviews

Good News Wood Salvation have been a steady supplier for our Arizona based reclaimed wood business for several years now. The high quality material provided by Eric and his team has remained consistent. The yields are predictably higher than most other stock we use which makes a huge difference in the end. Thank you Eric and crew for all you continue to do.

Preston Brown, Owner - Old Sol Lumber Co.

I found Good News Wood Salvation online while I was looking for rustic wood for an accent wall.
Eric and Leo were so helpful and gave me a great price and such good care and service. I highly recommend these guys to people looking for reclaimed wood. They have such a cool selection of all kinds of wood and are just great people.
Thanks guys!!!

Nancy Kusner, Owner - Rayvolt UK