Good News
Wood Salvation

Ancient wood, built for today with an eye on tomorrow. Eco-friendly Reclaimed Wood with a purpose.

Wholesale Reclaimed Wood Done Right

• Species: Sequoia Sempervirens
• Raw stock for paneling, cabinetry and softwood flooring
• FTL, Container, Intermodal
• Source material for Peel and Stick wood walls

• 100% Reclaimed Wood Lumber Yard
• Beams, Mantles, Urban Slabs, Posts, Planks…
• On-site cutting and ripping

• Reclaimed wood meets solar powered tools
• Custom finished work to meet your design inspirations
• Free Consultations
• 100% Eco-Friendly

• Tables, Bars, Countertops
• Outdoor Seating
• Wall trim
• Picture Frames
• Planter boxes

What We Offer

Weathered Redwood
Wall Tiles

• Naturally Aged Patina
• Silver, Gray or Brown
• Easy to Install

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Mushroom Wood
Wall Boards

• Beautiful Deep Character
• Yellow/Brown/Pink
• Local Resource

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• 4x4, 2x6, 2x12, 8x12
• Old World Industrial Lumber
• Good for Beams, Mantles, etc.

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Customer Reviews

Eric and Good News Wood Salvation have been a steady supplier for our Arizona based reclaimed wood business for several years now. The high quality material provided by Eric and his team has remained consistent. The yields are predictably higher than most other stock we use which makes a huge difference in the end. Thank you Eric and crew for all you continue to do.

Preston Brown, Owner,
Brothers Woodworks, Inc. & Old Sol Lumber Co.

I found Good News Wood Salvation on Craigslist while I was looking for wood to make wall paneling for an accent wall. Eric and Michael were so helpful and gave me a great price, well below what I would have paid if I bought online. I highly recommend to people looking for reclaimed wood in the Bay area to contact these guys. They have a huge selection of all kinds of wood and are just great people. Thanks guys!

Nancy Kusner, Reclaimed Wood Enthusiast/DIYer

Services We Provide

From design to custom metal and wood fabrication, we do it all.

Campbell Coffee House

In 2018 we partnered with the family owned coffee shop in Campbell California to provide a floor to ceiling aesthetic you can touch. Where a warm old-world tavern meets vintage industrial.

Wall Paneling
Beyond the everyday wall paneling, for this install we pushed the limits with a 16’ tall vertical, multidimensional accent wall.
Bars and tables
Custom glued redwood countertops, sanded and stained smooth and bold.
Metal Work
Back at our solar/waste vegetable oil-powered workshop we welded the bar and table hardware for a no nonsense “Vintage Industrial” look.

Tierney Residence

Recently we worked with the Tierney family to bring a sharp and modern, yet rustic accent wall to their dining room.

Design Consultation
Half the pleasure of installs for us is the co-discovery of what the space and customer’s needs are.
Modern Paneling
With crisp lines, zero gaps, and the hand-sanded smoothness of our redwood, this wall panelling became a rustic and modern work of art.

Installation Reviews

These guys are the best! Don't look any further for quality work and a passion for wood preservation. I love my community tables and wood wall. Can't believe the work they did in the time frame they were given. :) Can't wait to get started on our next project! Can anyone say Planter Boxes!!!

Jessica Q. (owner), Campbell Coffee House  

Leo and his crew did a great job on our salvaged wood accent wall, we really love it . They did the job quickly and neatly with professional results, we’re very friendly. We would definitely work with them again!

Susan Tierney, Accent Wall Installation