About Us

Sourcing and Distributing Reclaimed Redwood, Responsibly.

First and foremost, we are passionate stewards of Earth. We are deeply indebted to the original stewards of these and all lands and ecosystems worldwide humbly offer our lives in service of our ancestors and the future inheritors of this planet.

The vision for Good News Wood Salvation started as a result of our need for reclaimed wood in our tiny homes and a desire to birth our deeper vision, EcoCamp Coyote, a non-profit Ecosystem Restoration Camp that provides environmental education and permaculture-based landscape and forest services.
Here at Good News, we have developed an incredible, high quality reclaimed wood product for commercial, residential and architectural clients.
We also offer a raw supply of consistent reclaimed wood to contractors, manufacturers and fabricators for a fraction of the cost. We humbly accept the responsibility to steward the forests in their passing from one form to the next. In working with us, beautiful space means sacred space. We reside on the ancestral land known as "Matalan", or "Coyote" by the Muwekma Ohlone people and are grateful and humbled to be here doing the work and are grateful for your support.

In deepest reverence,
Eric and Leo
San Jose, California

Off-Grid & Fossil Fuel Free

Our on-site operations are 100% powered by solar and biodiesel. We take no shortcuts on the path towards a long-term habitable Earth.

Beyond Sustainability

Using the principles of permaculture and sociocracy, Good News Wood Salvation is developing business practices that are not only sustainable but regenerative.

Second Hand

We are inspired to limit wasteful consumption in all of our operations and use reclaimed fuels and materials for our operations whenever reasonable.

Ecosystem Restoration

Good News Wood Salvation resides in symbiosis as a part of EcoCamp Coyote - a hub for appropriate technology and methods necessary to manifest regenerative lifestyles. We live onsite here in our tiny homes, eat plant-based diets, compost extensively, grow orchards, gardens, and educating youth and adults.

Who We Are

Eric Gorski
Co-owner & CFO
After a decade of traveling while working on organic homesteads as a gardener, wood miller and permaculturalist, Eric met Leo while sourcing materials for his tiny house. They co-founded GNWS with the vision to give new life to otherwise waste and create regenerative lifestyles for themselves and their families. Eric lives on-site in his off-grid, upcycled tiny home built with 100% reclaimed materials powered by a self-built solar system.
Leo Lauchere
Co-owner & CEO
Raised playing with scraps of wood and reclaimed materials, Leo founded Good News Wood Salvation to give second life to the inherently valuable and sacred materials our society throws away. With his value-centered drive as a steward and range of abilities to connect dots, he lives an inspired and devoted reclaimed life. Through his lense, Good News has manifested as a vehicle of purpose and positive change in the world